Selkirk Amped Maxima Midweight Morgan Evans Saphire Blue

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The AMPED™ Maxima Paddle was co-designed with Morgan Evans. It's the power player’s paddle! Engineered with a longer handle and paddle face, the Maxima’s long reach makes it perfect for driving the ball. We utilized our FiberFlex™ Fiberglass face and Polypropylene X5 Core™ Technology to increase power, stability, and control while at the same time increasing the sweet spot and ability to impart spin. The midweight version of the Maxima averages 7.8 - 8.2oz giving you extra power for hard drives from the baseline.

The power player’s paddle!
Maxima: Utvecklad med ett längre skaft och yta Maxima’s längre räckvidd gör den perfekt när du vill ha mer driv i bollen.

Lättvikt: 207 - 218 gram
Medelvikt: 228 - 235 gram

Maxima Shape
The Maxima är den perfekta "långa" pickleball paddeln byggd för kraft. Spelar du mycket singel så är Selkirk Maxima för dig! 

Den eleganta formen skär genom luften med full kraft.

Grepp: Selkirk ComfortGrip
Bredd: 17.46 cm
Höjdt: 43,2 cm
SkaftLängd: 13.3 cm
Skaft/Grepp omkrets: 10,8

AMPED Series

X5 Core: a revolutionary patent pending 16mm polypropylene core
FiberFlex Face: innovative redesigned unidirectional fiberglass face

Maxima Benefits:

  • Sweetspot size: 7.5
  • Longest Reach
  • Long handle (5.25")
  • For Intermediate to Pros

Maxima Player profiles

  • "I love to play singles"
  • "I'm a Tennis Player that likes to hit hard from the baseline"

Pros who use the Maxima: TOC Champion and SelkirkCoach Morgan Evans, Rob Davidson, and Christina Dorman

Större Sweetspot
Torque Suppression
Neutralizes Ball Differences
Improved Sound
Face Cushioning
Impart More Spin
Well Balanced