Selkirk 2021 AMPED S2 Lightweight Röd

1 595 kr

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S2: With a slightly shorter handle and longer face compared to the Epic, the S2 boasts the largest sweet spot and surface area of all our paddles, making it the Ultimate Pickleball players paddle!

AMPED Series

X5 Core: a revolutionary patent pending 16mm polypropylene core
FiberFlex Face: innovative redesigned unidirectional fiberglass face

Larger Sweetspot
Vibration Dampening
Torque Suppression
Neutralizes Ball Differences
Improved Sound
Face Cushioning
Impart More Spin
Well Balanced


Weight Options
Lightweight: snitt 206g - 218g 


S2 Shape
The S2 is the ultimate Pickleball paddle shape. It has a slightly shorter handle the traditional Epic shape, which allows for a slightly larger face. This means the S2 boasts the largest sweet spot of any of our shapes.

Grip: Selkirk ComfortGrip
Width: 8”
Height: 16”
Handle Length: 4.5"

Handle/Grip Circumference: 4.25”