ProLite No Sweat Diamond Grip, Universal Längd

39 kr

PROLITE's No-Sweat Diamond Grip has that finished, retail look, ready to be displayed at Sporting Goods Stores, Tournaments, Shows, Clinics, etc. These universal grips are perfect for the retailers that service customers shopping for sporting equipment ranging from tennis, baseball, hockey, and lacrosse to golf, paddle ball, and of course pickleball. It truly covers ALL gripping needs. The PROLITE No-Sweat Diamond Grip, has an aggressive diamond shaped traction pattern, creating ultimate control and less twisting in your hand, and is designed for ultimate tackiness that channels sweat away from your grip, making it the BEST grip for sweaty conditions! And to top it all of, this PERFECT grip has a cushioned surface that offers maximum comfort and a firmer feel. No other grip on the market comes close to the comfort, strength, and durability of the PROLITE No-Sweat Diamond Grip! It has the current width of 2.5 cm, but with a longer length of 110 cm which makes it perfect for all types of equipment.