Paddletek Pro Pickleball Backpack

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Paddletek Pro Pickleball Backpack

The Paddletek Pro Pickleball Backpack has a wide array of compartments to protect every piece of pickleball equipment and related paraphernalia you might need. The spacious central compartment can hold a large amount of bulky items from pickleballs to towels. On the side is a thermal-lined segment that will safely keep your paddles at the perfect temperature. It also includes a phone pocket, vented shoe pouch, an internal zippered pocket and two side compartments. 

The Paddletek Pro Pickleball Backpack comes in a classy black and red color with the Paddletek logo and name printed on the sides in white. On the bottom are four "feet" that help elevate and keep the bag clean when placed on the ground. It has both carrying handles and adjustable shoulder straps for maximum comfort. The dimensions are 25 x 12 x 10 inches. 

The Paddletek Pro Pickleball Backpack takes sports-centric storage to the next level with its consideration for every item you want to take along during your pickleball travels.