Franklin Sports Overgrip Vit

119 kr

Franklin Sports overgrips är det perfekta tillbehöret till all Pickleballspelare. Speciellt anpassat för ett Pickleball-racket, levereras  (3) fullängds overgrips. Förbättra det befintliga greppet på ditt rack genom att lägga till ett extra lager för att 

Enhance the regular grip on your paddle by adding an additional layer to help increase grip, moisture wick, and overall grip comfort. Each overgrip is 43.3 in long and .98 in wide. Each package is complete with (3) finishing tapes to secure your grip for ultimate performance. Take your game to the next level!

  • MAXIMUM GRIP: These overgrips from Franklin Sports ensure max grip on your paddle. Simply wrap over your existing grip for extra stability and enhanced tack
  • 3 GRIPS INCLUDED! Each grip is 43.3in long--ample length to overgrip your pickleball paddle handle. Includes finishing tape to secure it to the handle for a seamless fit and finish
  • ENHANCED MATERIAL for superior durability! Play like a pro and extend the life of your grip; made for all day play!
  • EXTRA PLAYABILITY from the slight tack and smooth material allows for extended play and performance!
  • DESIGNED BY THE PRO PLAYERS, play with the best